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I have extensive experience in event organization, project and operations management, administrative duties for nonprofits, refugee resettlement, and the conscientious and detailed implementation of an organization's visions and goals. A majority of this work has been fulfilled on a remote basis, complimented by in-person support and community collaboration.

The growing importance and interconnectedness of local and global communities led me to obtain a bachelor's degree in Professional Studies, a multidisciplinary degree integrating cultural anthropology, environmental studies, and social justice. This degree has been put into practice by working and volunteering for several nonprofit organizations for the past fifteen years. During my experience in the nonprofit sector, I discovered and refined my skills as a creative event organizer and remote assistant and administrator.

Many years of working in this capacity has challenged and inspired me to continually develop my abilities as a comprehensive facilitator and organizer. Connecting my professional skills with the belief in cultural, social, and environmental responsibility remains at the center of my work. I seek to further utilize these skills by working alongside individuals and organizations whose creative and innovative work has a positive impact on our local and global communities.

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February 2019 - Present
New York, New York • Remote • Freelance

  • Key point of contact for all administrative needs.

  • Troubleshooting challenges and researching solutions.

  • Developing processes.

  • Xero, Gusto, and Justworks operations.

    • Reconciling, billing, invoicing, expenses, insurance, taxes, and payroll preparation.

  • HR management.

  • Onboarding new hires.

  • Applying for loans / grants.

  • Proofing deliverables.

  • Coordinating travel and logistics.

  • Newsletter and website updates.

  • Managing correspondences and diversity certifications.



January 2019 - March 2020
San Diego, California • Remote • Freelance

  • ​Inland Empire Opioid Crisis Coalition​: designed and created content for newsletters, updated website, and managed databases.


September 2021 - Present

Winona, Minnesota • On-Site • Volunteer

  • Community coalition that supports Afghan refugees in their transition to creating a home in Minnesota.


September 2012 - December 2018
Winona, Minnesota • Majority Remote

  • Acted as front of house, volunteer, patron service, and ticket sales manager. 

  • Set up ticketing software, maintained profit security, and calculated sales.

  • Created and critiqued post-event evaluations.

  • Executed publicity campaigns for productions.

  • Managed website, social media, and google apps. 

  • Managed archives and databases.

  • Reserved venues and managed calendar. 

  • Scheduled board meetings and took minutes.

  • Built relationships with the community.


August 2010 - August 2016
Winona, Minnesota • Partially Remote

  • Organized set up and take down of all events.

  • Coordinated venue reservations.

  • Acted as venue, volunteer, patron service, and ticket sales manager.

  • Set up ticketing software, maintained profit security, and calculated sales.

  • Contracted vendors and educational exhibitors.

  • Hired and supervised team leads and interns.

  • Executed data collection and processing.

  • Created and implemented new systems of operational efficiency.

  • Critiqued post-event evaluations.



Home: Skills


  • Researching, planning, and organizing.

  • Networking and collaborating.

  • Coordinating logistics and details.

  • Implementing and orchestrating.

  • Streamlining operational efficiency.

  • Monitoring, adjusting, and troubleshooting.

  • Physical venue coordination and reservations.

  • Training and overseeing team leads.

  • Venue, volunteer, and ticket sales management.

  • Patron and customer service.

  • Offline and online sales: software, security, accuracy, and calculation.

  • Data collection and analysis.

  • Post-event evaluation and critique.


  • Project and operations management.

  • HR management and onboarding new hires.

  • Payroll, invoicing, billing, budgeting, expenses, insurance and tax payments.

  • Email and database management.

  • Online and offline publicity campaigns.

  • Website and social media management. 

  • Online and offline sales.

  • Scheduling and calendar / travel management.

  • Applying for grants / loans, researching, content writing, proofreading, presentation preparation. 

  • Developing spreadsheets, manuals, timelines, graphs, and flow charts.

  • Support network management.


  • Google Apps and Microsoft Office

  • Asana, Teamwork, and Slack

  • MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot

  • Xero, Gusto, Veem, and Justworks

  • Website Updates: WordPress and Wix

  • Social Media Management and Canva 

  • Data Computation and Analysis

  • Ticketing Software: Eventbrite,, Brown Paper Tickets, PayPal, and Square

  • Online Newsletter and Publicity Design


  • Trustworthy

  • Reliable

  • Resourceful

  • Organized and Efficient

  • Comprehensive and Attentive

  • Accessible and Adaptable Leader

  • Successful Collaborator 

  • Desire and willingness to learn

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Critical Thinker and Creative Problem Solver

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Home: Skills

I have known and have worked with Kathy for over 6 years at Theatre du Mississippi. Kathy has been the backbone and heart of TdM for as long as I have been associated with it. She is an able administrator: very well organized, able to run with a project after receiving parameters and direction and attends to details exactingly. It is not a stretch to say that TdM could not run without her. She is always willing to learn and stretch herself and has the tenacity to finish every project. She is a dedicated worker and is well attuned to the people she works with and in all cases her professionalism is manifest. She has strong interpersonal skills, is enthusiastic and highly supportive of those with whom she works.

- Paul Sannerud, Former TdM Board President

Kathy effectively organized 100+ volunteers, vendors and entertainers while ensuring smooth and effective execution of the multi-day schedule of events for thousands of attendees.  She always kept a cool demeanor and was a master at fixing problems before they manifested or impacted our attendees.  Kathy was indispensable for festival operations and was always willing to go above and beyond; to jump in and help wherever she could.

- Andrew Neumann, Former Frozen River Film Festival Board Member and Board Treasurer

I was the university liaison with the Frozen River Film Festival for nine years and worked closely with Kathy Florin. I found her extremely organized, cordial, and someone who excelled at multi-tasking.  She is detailed-oriented and can keep control of ‘several balls in the air.’  She is also an excellent communicator which was key to the festival’s relationship with the university.   

- Kathleen Peterson, Winona State University Arts Administrator (retired)

Kathy is wonderful. Picked up everything I asked her to do, and did great work. She found solutions and the path forward at those times when I didn't have a specific course of action in mind. Other team members enjoyed working with her, too. I highly recommend Kathy, and I hope to have the chance to work with her again at some point.

-Hunter Gatewood, Signal Key Consulting


I look forward to learning more about your organization's goals and how I can assist you in implementing them.

All pricing is based on each client's need. Work can be contracted on an hourly basis, project basis, or within a retainer package. 

Together we can create a custom plan to fit your specific requirements and budget. 

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“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

- Mary Oliver

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